Personalised Kids Super Hero Story Book, An Adventure With A Magical Ending, Great Keepsake Gift for Children

Personalised Kids Super Hero Story Book, An Adventure With A Magical Ending, Great Keepsake Gift for Children Price: £23.95 (as of 03/12/2023 10:34 PST- Details)

A PERSONALISED SUPER HERO STORY BOOK – A totally unique, personalised story based on the letters from your child’s name.
THE PERFECT KEEPSAKE GIFT BOOK – Make a child’s bedtime a magical experience with this clever customised magic story book
FOR CHILDREN AGED 0-8 YEARS – For young children it’s a good way to help them learn the letters of their name. For older children they will learn that being kind to others really does pay off in the end.



A Personalised Children’s Story Book – Beautifule Keepsake for Boys or Girls Aged 0-8 Years

This is no ordinary children’s story book, every personalised book is entirely unique as each beautiful illustration and rhyming story is purely based on the letters of the child’s name.

So a book for E-T-H-A-N would have a different story to a book for P-E-T-E-R.

The creative storyline cleverly uses each letter of the child’s name to help colourful characters in the nearby circus. A wizard has made the little baby boy or girl’s alphabet magical so each letter used has special powers.

At the end of the book the little boy or girl discovers that each magic letter used to help the friendly animals actually spells out your child’s name. Wait to you see their little face when they see their name in BIG print on the page. Priceless!

As well as being a beautiful handmade book, positive messages are learnt throughout and by being personalized in this way it actually helps young children learn to read while being fun and engaging.

– Custom made
– Premium quality thick paper
– Durable luxury hardback cover

Perfect as a special gift, 1st birthday gift, christening gift or a bedtime treat for a well-behaved little boy or girl. A child’s keepsake to treasure forever!

– For children aged 2 – 8 years.
– But a lot of customers purchase as a baby keepsake gift as-well.


1) Child’s first name
2) Child’s gender
3) Child’s road / street name (optional)
4) Child’s House Number (optional)
5) Personal Message

(e.g Lots of Love from Auntie Claire, X) – (optional)

Dimensions: 27.2 cm wide by 20.5 cm tall
Length: 42+ pages