It is to christmas

Christmas market terror warnings issued for European shoppers

Christmas shoppers in Europe, and those visiting Christmas markets in particular, are being urged to exercise caution over the festive period, due to a “heightened risk” of terrorist attacks occurring.
The US Department of State has issued a statement saying that the likes of ISIS and al-Qaeda were planning several terror attacks across the continent, and has said that it has “credible information” to back these claims up.
The warning comes after seven terror suspects were arrested in France, all reportedly from Strasbourg and Marseilles. According to authorities, they had been working on plans for an attack for a number of months.
Extremists have carried out attacks in Germany, France, Belgium, Germany and Turkey so far this year, and the Department of State has been keen to remind people of that fact, as well urging caution as it was still concerned about the possibility of future attacks.
The warning makes no mention of the UK at all, and does not confirm any particular countries as being specifically at risk.
Posting on its official Facebook page, the organisation said: “The Department of State alerts US citizens to the heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, particularly during the holiday season. US citizens should exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets.”
Colonel John Dorrian, speaking on behalf of the US-led coalition against ISIS, said: “We don’t think they are going to become an organisation that no longer presents a danger once Raqqa and Mosul are taken away.”
“What they are going to do is devolve into the type of terror organisation that we’ve known they were all along, and continue to try to do external operations and try to motivate lone wolf attackers,” he continued.
The warning will remain in place until February.