It is to christmas

All I Want For Christmas Is You hits One Million UK Sales

“All I want For Christmas Is You” is one of those songs that heralds in the festive season and sends us scurrying to the shops to get those all important presents, turkeys and decorations. 2013 saw this classic Christmas tune hit 1 million UK sales.
Mariah Carey released the song back in 1994, and since then it has hit the UK Top 40 singles chart many times. In 2013, a reported 68,000 copies of the single were sold, pushing it past the 1 million mark.
One would expect a single of this age to decline in popularity, and fade out of public memory, but the fact that it is a Christmas song seems to grant it an immortality non-festive songs just don’t get. Not many people will be able to recall songs such as ‘Blue (da ba dee)’ without prompting, let alone the name of the band who created it (which was Eiffel 65, for anyone trying to remember.)
So it seems the festive theme affords songs and bands an inability to die out, as we associate them so much with Santa, the Tree and presents. With the recent report that Slade earn around 500,000 pounds a year from the royalties of their classic Yuletide jingle, it is no wonder that the Christmas Number 1 spot is so contested for.
It does beg the question though of “why?” Are these songs just so amazing that we want to hear them every year? Because if they are that good, why do we not hear them all year round? Or is it that these songs have become a tradition that we carry out like a duty, like many of the traditions of Christmas?
Costa Coffee seem to think so, and therefore have broken the annual habit of overplaying these songs by banning Cliff Richard’s ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ based on a customer survey.
But maybe these songs, such as ‘Fairytale of New York’, ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ and ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’, are just so associated with the festive season, family, and time off work that they act as an end of the year alarm clock to remind us to chill out, relax and enjoy ourselves and to get us in the festive mood.
Whatever the reason, 1 million people in the UK will be heartily blasting Ms Carey through their speakers this Winter.