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Free to enter Christmas Competitions. Don't buy Christmas presents, win them with our Christmas Competitions. You may also be interested in Free Xmas Stuff. This year's competitions close on December 21, so we can get you the prizes by Christmas Day!

Win Magnum PI: The Complete Collection Seasons 1 - 8 on Blu-Ray
Magun PI: The Complete Collection Seasons 1-8 is now on Blu-Ray and DVD as you’ve never seen it before.

Win: Bionic on DVD
The Bionic Woman is an American television science fiction action series starring Lindsay Wagner that aired between 1976 and 1978.

Win: Wonderwall on DVD
George Harrison created the soundtrack and Oasis cemented it in popular culture. Now Wonderwall is to be released on DVD...

Win: The A-Team Complete Collection.
Join B.A, Hannibal, Murdock and Face in all 97 episodes from 5 seasons of the groundbreaking show, now fully restored and in Hi-Definition…

Win: Car Wash
The movie's title song 'Car Wash' was a #1 chart-topping hit for Rose Royce and was one of the biggest-selling singles of the 1970s disco music era.

Win The Incredible Hulk - The Complete Collection
Bursting from the Marvel comic book pages into this fully restored and high definition 16-disc Blu-ray set, The Complete Collection of The Incredible Hulk.

Win Dragnet - by Tom Hanks - Bluray
Dragnet is to be released on Blu-ray and only Dan Aykroyd and double Oscar winner Tom Hanks can save the city in this hilarious box-office

Win: Parenthood on Bluray
The film is based on Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer and screenwriters Lowell Ganz, and Babaloo Mandel's experiences as parents (they have 17 children between the four of them)

Win: Snow White - A tale of terror on Bluray
Snow White: A Tale of Terror is a 1997 American fantasy and horror television film based on the fairy tale "Snow White".

Win: You, Me and Dupree on Bluray
Dupree becomes a fixture in their home, his outrageous antics in the bathroom and bedroom ensure that three becomes not just a crowd but a bloody nightmare.

Win: Tales That Witness Madness on Bluray
Stroll down the corridors of a mental asylum, where your mind won't believe what your eyes see.

Win: The Borrowers on Bluray
“We're not vermin. We're not creeps. And we're not pests. We're Borrowers.”

Win: Reptilicus on DVD
Long before Lego, another Danish giant sought to take over the world…

If a competition doesn't have an ending date, it is due to end on December 25th, .

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