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Online Christmas Crime

Tue, 17 Dec 2013
For some modern criminals, Christmas may be funded by online crimes. An investigation from Dell SecureWorks' head of malware research has documented that not only has cyber crime not been defeated, but is, in fact, flourishing.

The investigations reported that it is possible, assuming you know where to go and who to ask, to purchase access to a bank account worth 70,000 - 150,000 dollars for under 300 dollars.

Other personal details can be acquired for as little as 4 dollars.

This is a shocking revelation to people who have no idea about the dangers of the internet world, but this kind of crime is not new. However, it is the dropping prices of these 'services' that is the true shock revealed by this study.

It used to be that the same 3,000 dollars would likely get you access to a bank account only worth 7,000 dollars. This shows that hackers are getting more advanced as they can charge lower prices for more advanced crimes, as more detailed (and expensive) data packets are available. Full data packets, known as 'Fullz' can contain everything on a person, from date of birth, to address, to national insurance number, and can include banking information.

Malware (malicious software) is an issue that has been around as long as the internet, and the festive season is a dangerous time for online customers, and productive times for hackers. People stressed out, trying to find that perfect gift, will often surf websites they don't know, that may not be trustworthy, and enter details into what looks like a secure network, but could really just be handing details to online hackers to sell on.

Christmas, the time of peace, goodwill, and stressed out shoppers, is prime hunting season for cyber criminals as people tend to let their guard down as the stress of the season overcomes them. So just be aware if you are last minute gift-hunting that you are not giving out your details like confetti, don't take secure looking websites at face value, and ensure all virus protection programs are installed and up to date.
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