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Aylesbury Xmas Lights Slammed By Local Residents

Mon, 12 Dec 2011
Christmas lights in the streets of Aylesbury have been branded "embarrassing" and the "shabbiest in Britain" by one of the nation’s biggest newspapers.

The Telegraph reports that the faulty lights display in Aylesbury town centre have been erected with several malfunctions, including reindeer with only one antler and one leg as well as a Santa without a face, despite costing £27,000 in taxpayer’s money. At night, the festive lights also describe the Buckinghamshire town as ‘a great lace to be’.

Angry residents have hit out at the display, labelling it "embarrassing", "shabby" and "the worst in the country".

Barbara Murphy, 64, said: "They are terrible. Half the lights don’t work, which makes some of the characters more scary than festive."

"They must be the worst in the country, I don’t know what the council were thinking when they allowed these to be put up and left. It just makes the town look like a joke – it’s embarrassing."

Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: "£27,000 is a huge amount of money to spend on high street decorations, Aylesbury taxpayers would expect a lot more than this shoddy display for the amount of money they have been made to fork out."

Cabinet member for civic amenities at Aylesbury Vale District Council, Brian Roberts, told The Telegraph he was "very disappointed" that some of the Xmas lights had not worked but stressed the majority of the faults had now been repaired.

He added: "Our Christmas lights display shows Aylesbury town centre is open for business."

"The lights and other decorations cheer people up during a time when the evenings are really dark and they’re a treat for all ages. They also attract people into the town, which encourages a greater spend in our shops, restaurants and licensed premises."
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