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Credit crunch is ignored this Christmas

Wed, 15 Oct 2008
British parents are not letting the credit crunch interfere with their Christmas shopping for children but they will be more choosey in what they buy.

Toy manufacturer Playmobil conducted the research in a bid to find out how the economic crisis will affect parents’ choice this Christmas. Of the 3,000 parents questioned 83 per cent were concerned about the credit crunch but 67 per cent said it would not affect their ability to buy presents.

Out are games consoles for 40.3 per cent of parents and celebrity endorsed gifts (26.8 per cent) instead 91 per cent of parents would buy presents more conducive to imaginative or educational play for children.

As well as a re-think on presents this Christmas, over half of those surveyed (51 per cent) said they will be staying in more and not buy gifts for partners (14.8 per cent), to help pay for children’s presents.

Something top of most lists was the Christmas tree, with 96 per cent of families saying there will be a tree in their living rooms.

Jamie Dickinson of Playmobil UK said, "These results demonstrate the power of the UK family unit. Even though we are experiencing an economic downturn, the one thing parents are not willing to give up is their child’s happiness on Christmas Day.

"What really stands out from this survey is how mums and dads are making more considered purchases this year and looking for gifts that will help to stimulate their child’s creative mind."
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