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Inappropriate Santa Cards Pulled From Shelves

Fri, 19 Dec 2008
A range of Christmas cards have been taken off shop floors after being deemed as having an inappropriate design.

Created by a charity called Shelter, the Xmas cards feature a cartoon of Santa flashing his behind as he takes off his clothes to hang on a washing line.

The charity aimed to make £30,000 by selling 5,000 packs at £5.99 each but major distributor Cards for Good Causes, which supplies cards to more than 350 shops in the UK, has refused to stock the cheeky design.

A spokesman for Shelter said the group was very disappointed to lose out on such large scale distribution so close to Christmas .

He added: "We are continuing to sell them through our own shops but because we have so many we have had to reduce them to £2.99, and even if they all go we will still lose £15,000, which is a big blow."

Christine Holland, head of Cards for Good Causes, blamed the homeless charity for not checking the design with them before printing the festive cards .

"Of our 350 outlets nationwide, more than 100 are run through cathedrals and churches and the overwhelming response was that the card was inappropriate," she explained.
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